Become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival


Dear volunteer. Welcome! We are glad you want to join us. Without you and your 30,000 fellow volunteers, no Roskilde Festival. Thank you for making a difference.

Only when you have made an agreement with a team leader about a volunteer role, you must create a profile here on People. If you have not made an agreement yet, visit our website to find a volunteer role just for you.


First time as a volunteer? Create a profile

If this is the first time you volunteer at Roskilde Festival, you must create a profile on this page. Once the profile is created, notify your team leader who will link the profile to your team. 

Not your first time as a volunteer? Use your existing profile

If you have previously volunteered at Roskilde Festival, you must use your existing profile. Your new team leader will link your profile to your new team. 


Create profile, if you do not already have a profile on People

Hvis du er kommet til denne side, via en mail invitation. har du ikke fået kopiet hele linket.